Geneea NLP Services

Geneea provides two types of NLP services:

  • The Interpretor – a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) system

  • Genja and Čapek – Natural Language Generation (NLG) systems

The Interpretor

The Interpretor is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform that helps the users to leverage their text data.

We offer four types of public API:

  • General API, also known as G3 – general purpose NLP, i.e., detecting language, names, sentiment, etc. in documents

  • Media API V1 (deprecated), M1 – semantic tagging of newspaper articles

  • Media API V2, M2 – a newer version of our Media API; offers entities, suggestions of photos and related articles, and more

  • VoC API, C1 – analyzing customer feedback, or routing and analysis of customer support

  • Intent Detection – detecting intent in chat turns; primarily aimed to handle common L1 questions

If you want to use the General API, get your API key here. In order, to use the Media, VoC, or Intent APIs, please contact us.

Note that there is a battery of models behind each of these APIs, and customization is one of our strengths: we can customize these models to suit your needs, whether it means handling custom product names, custom categories, or custom sentiment.

Genja & Čapek

Genja and Čapek are Natural Language Generation (NLG) services transforming data into English and Czech texts.