The API can perform one or more linguistic analyses (configurable using the analyses field of the Request object):

  • Language detection (language): returns the dominant language of the document. Our platform currently distinguishes more than 30 languages.

  • Sentiment analysis (sentiment): detect the emotions of the author contained in the text. Was the author happy (I loved it.), neutral (We went to London.) or unhappy (The lunch was not good at all.) with their experience? We detect sentiment at the level of the whole document, individual sentences and individual entities.

  • Entity recognition (entities) - identifies names of persons, companies, dates, etc.

  • Semantic tagging (tags) - returns a set of semantic tags describing the content of the document A tag can be cancel subscription, safe car, or terrible cook.

  • Relations (relations) - relations between entities (cancel(John, subscription)) or their attributes (great(pizza))