Python SDK

The example below shows how to call the General API from Python 3.6+ with our Python SDK.


pip install geneea-nlp-client

Simple Call

Executing this code:

from geneeanlpclient import g3

requestBuilder = g3.Request.Builder(analyses=[g3.AnalysisType.ENTITIES])

with g3.Client.create(userKey=<your user key>) as analyzer:
    result = analyzer.analyze(, text='The pizza in London was great!'))

    for e in result.entities:
        print(f'\t{e.type}: {e.stdForm}')

prints the only named entity in the text to the console:

location: London

The examples directory in the public repository contains more examples.


The SDK has the following main classes:

  • Client – a simple REST client

  • Request – an object encapsulating the request the Client send to the G3 API; typically it is built via RequestBuilder

  • G3 – object encapsulating the response of the API

  • Readers/Writers – objects for reading/writing from/to json

The code is publicly available at bitbucket .