The following articles summarize basic aspects of the VoC API.

Each touchpoint analysis need to be configured via the following parameters:

  • name: name your configuration

  • description: describe your configuration (optional).

  • domain: Optionally, set the domain of the questionnaire. Out of the box, we support these domains: general (voc), restaurants (voc-hospitality), or banking (voc-banking).

  • language: Optionally, specify the language of the answers (en, cs, sk, de). If not specified, the langauge is detected automatically.

  • textColumns: Specify, what types of text answers (verbatims) are provided. We distinguish three types:

    • PROS – positive texts (answers to questions like What did you like?)

    • CONS – negative texts (answers to questions like What didn’t you like?).

    • OTHER – general texts (answers to questions like Why did you assign this score, Your comment, Any other comment, etc.)

  • metaColumns: Set the names and types of metadata (optional).

It is possible to link your data to our Frida visualization tool, which can be customized to your needs.

See also: Sentiment Analysis